Tipperary Parish Registers 1740 To 1880 Now Free Online

TipperaryMapAlmost 300 years of Catholic Parish Registers, containing valuable information on births and marriages and held by the National Library of Ireland, are now currently available online, as and from today, July 8th 2015 .

Dating from the 1740’s to the 1880’s, these records cover the entire island of Ireland and can now be accessed free of charge.

This new dedicated website [See http://registers.nli.ie/] now offers over 390,000 digital images of parish registers.

Irish Parish register records are considered the single-most important source of information on Irish family history prior to the 1901 Census. Covering more than a 1,000 parishes across the island of Ireland, these registers consist primarily of baptismal and marriage records and typically includes information such as dates of baptisms and marriages and the names of key people involved, e.g. Witnesses or Godparents.

With the making of these records available, same will mean that those interested in research will now be able to trace their ancestry free and online from as far back as 1740.

For most genealogy researchers, parish registers provide the earliest direct source of family information making available real evidence of direct links between one generation and the next.

Those seeking details of persons known to have been born here in Thurles, as just one example, can access all local registers at link http://registers.nli.ie/parishes/0280.

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12 Responses to Tipperary Parish Registers 1740 To 1880 Now Free Online

  1. Trevor Fitzgerald says:

    I am looking to find any info on a Michael Fitzgerald born 1798 in Thurles and transported to Australia in 1825. I was wanting to trace the family back as far as I can but can’t seem to find out any more. Kind regards Trevor Fitzgerald.

  2. Maureen Purcell says:

    Hi, I’ve been checking all sites for the past 10 years to make up our family tree but have got stuck with my Great Grandfather Denis Lonergan ( Mason) born (I think) around 1831 and again I’m not 100% sure but I think he was born ion Clonmel, Co. Tipperary . He married Bridget O’ Brien from Tramore and his children were , Isabella, Frances( Fanny) Margeaetta ( Mary?) Timothy, ( my grandfather) Thomas, John, Maud, Michael and Denis Paul. I have got my grandfather’ Timothy’s birth record and am now trawling through more church records to find his Baptismal record which I will probably find sooner or later (It is so time consuming as you know!).
    Could you help me to trace my Great Grandfather Denis Lonergan’s birth record if possible. Because Denis’ first son was Timothy I’m thinking his Father may have been called Timothy as it was the custom at the time to call the first son after the Father. In the meantime I’ll keep on going through all the different FREE sites and just might come up with a relevant piece of information! Very many Thanks, Maureen Purcell, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

    • Margaret Thurston says:

      Hi Maureen
      Just seen your post (a little belated) about your Denis Lonergan ancestor. Don’t know if this is of any interest to you but I have a Lonergan on my line. Margaret Higgins (nee Lonergan) married Denis Higgins in 1832 Carrick on Suir. Her parents were Stephen Lonergan and Mary Meagher. Margaret was born 1812 in Cashel parish. Her children were born in COS between 1834 – 1844 the same era as your Denis Lonergan. Could they have been related? Cousins? Love to hear from you especially if you have some info on the Lonergans. I am still trying to find the marriage of my gt gt gt G/P Stephen Lonergan and Mary Meagher.

      • Hello,
        Denis Higgins and Margaret (Lonergan) Higgins were parents to Eliza, born 1842 in Carrick on Suir. Eliza came to Manchester. She was married to my 2nd great grandfather Joseph John Gerrity. I am not sure if they came to Manchester married or married in Manchester, I am still trying to unravel that one. On the census his name his spelt Gerraty. I can fill in all the history of the Gerrity’s from Joseph John to myself. Struggling with anything before that. I do have some info on the parents of Margaret Lonergan though. Can anyone provide any additional information? stephengerrity@ymail.com

  3. Arlene melanson says:

    Looking for information on Cathrine Pearson and Christopher Pearson born around 1720. They had a daughter Mary and another daughter Cathrine. Mary married James Mooney. Catherine and Christopher lived in Cork. I’m trying to find who Cathrine Pearson’s parents were.

  4. Sheelagh Hanly says:

    Looking for year of birth and place of birth 1878 ? For Patrick Graham, I think Moycarkey parish.

  5. Arlene Melanson says:

    I have been looking for information on the James Mooney and Mary Pearson. James being born Tipperary. They had a son born 1747 William Stephen Mooney born in Nenaugh. William married Elizabeth Mary Scott. They had a daughter Maria Mooney my third Great Great Grandmother. I believe she was born on Templederry. I would like to know who Elizabeth Scotts mother was also Mary Pearson’s to put our family tree together. I would also like to visit their graves on my next visit to Ireland. Any info where on the graveyards would be appreciated. Thankyou Arlene Melanson

  6. Robert Keating says:

    Looking for John Keating & wife Catherine Walsh (Welch or West) . John’s son Thomas was born 1825/6 according to time spent in Bendigo, Aust. Also had 2 sisters, Mary born 1840 & Margaret born 1844. Could be different mothers as these are born 16 -18 yrs apart. Girls list mother as Catherine Welch on their death certificates but Thomas lists Catherine West as his mother. All list Tipperary as place of birth. Been through all County Tipperary Catholic records to no avail. Thomas, Mary & Margaret all died in Australia.. Will start looking at adjoining County’s.. Bob Keating

  7. Charles Hobbins says:

    Looking for Patrick Hobbins birth records and other Hobbins family members birth records. They were from Nenagh Tipperary Ireland

  8. Tamitha Y Sprenger says:

    I am looking for information on a Joseph Hogan. Family lore says he was sent to the market by his mother and on the way he heard of the War in the Americas. His cost of passage would be covered if he helped with the war so he jumped at the opportunity. He had a son named James with a lady named Rebecca, however, James did not know his mothers maiden name. We believe Joseph was born about 1744 in Tipperary Ireland, but cannot locate anything. James, son of Joseph, died in 1854.

  9. Madeline Madden says:

    Where can I find the birth records for (Bridget Mary) Josephine Butler born on September 25, 1867, in Tipperary, Ireland? She was born in either Clonmel or Cashel.

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