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Inscriptions on headstones, are a most useful source for family history or tracing  genealogy. Many old cemeteries are often located next to churches, which could indicate that departed relative or friends attended church here or in very close proximity to this area.

This church or a place of worship nearby may hold birth, marriage, or death information. In many cases more than one family member may be buried in the same grave and the inscriptions provided can lead the investigator down further avenues in their research.

Gravestones may give clues about military service, a persons occupation and even state where other immediate family members died and are buried. In some cases inscriptions even give more information than a Death Certificate, a Parish Church Register or indeed Census Records.

St.Mary’s Churchyard Thurles

St. Mary’s Graveyard, [Map Ref.] in Thurles, is situated at the end of St. Mary’s Avenue, beside St. Mary’s Famine Museum.  Earliest visible memorial stone here is 1520, however it is fully accepted that burials took place in this area much earlier than this date, since a church has existed on this site since the late 12th century.
Grave Inscriptions In St.Mary’s Churchyard

Killinan Graveyard Thurles

Killinan graveyard, [Map Ref.] here in Thurles, is where visitors will find interred the bodies of many of the ‘Sporting Greats,’ from victorious Tipperary GAA Hurling Teams of the past.
Gravestone Inscriptions In Killinan Graveyard

Upperchurch Graveyard Tipperary

Upperchurch Graveyard [Map Ref.] is situated in the townsland of Cappaleigh in the County of Tipperary. Upperchurch is part of the ancestral home of those with the surnames O’Dwyer and O’Ryan / Ryan. If visitors have known ancestors that are from Upperchurch / Drombane and the surrounding areas, help is readily available to assist in tracing both your original homestead and your genealogy, by simply telephoning or e-mailing the local Upperchurch Visitor Information Office.  Tel: 00353 (0)87 6076838. Email: upperrural@gmail.com

Gravestone Inscriptions In Upperchurch Graveyard

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