Welcome to Hidden Tipperary.
This is a website set up to show the many hidden treasures that can be found in County Tipperary, Ireland.

Tipperary [Map Ref.] is the sixth largest county in Ireland and has a long and distinguished history dating back to the 5th century and beyond.

Many of the places we hope to share with you are little known to our many visitors to Tipperary. There are many great places to discover in this great county including historic abbeys, castles, museums and incredible scenic locations.

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  1. Katie O'Connell Nott says:

    Thank you ‘Hidden Tipperary.’ Your information on Historical Chalices of Thurles is so interesting. As we ourselves are into Antiques and were interested in an Auction in Sydney last week. In the auction was an ‘Irish HMS Silver Gilded Chalice’ with thirty six Amethysts, one opal and four diamonds including a valuation certification December, 2005 in presentation Box, Dublin 1932 maker L.G. ( Height-25.5cm) weight -710g). The valuation on the certification was $32.000 but sold for $5.000, what a bargain. We have been told to check on ‘Hidden Tipperary’ site as Thurles is an encyclopedia on Historical subjects and maybe one of your many readers can help us to identify the marks on this Chalice. We are having a meeting on Tuesday for the Óver 50s talking about travel to Ireland/England and the ‘Hidden Tipperary’ site and especially Thurles will be on top of our agenda. Thank you for such a great site.

    Katie John.

    • admin says:

      Hi Katie, First thing to remember about religious pieces with regard to the date you stated, i.e. Dublin 1932, this was the year of ‘The 31st Eucharistic Congress.’ Latter was held in Dublin 22–26 June 1932, and was one of the largest eucharistic congresses of the 20th century. Ireland was the home to some 3,000,000 R.Catholics and 1932 was the 1500th anniversary of Saint Patrick’s arrival in Ireland. Chalice could have been made for this occasion.
      I understand that there was a ‘L.G.’ silversmith operating in Jerusalem early to mid 1900, whose work included watch cases and Judaic items.

      See French Silversmiths http://www.silvercollection.it/frenchsilversmithsL.html

  2. Katie O'Connell Nott says:

    Thanks Admin. Great information. We could not find anything in all the Antique Books we are falling over in the house!

    Thanks again.
    Katie & John

  3. Michael says:

    People will learn a lot about Tipperary when “Hidden Tipperary” gets going.

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  5. Tom Kearney says:

    Mention of chalices reminds me to ask if it is true that St. Patrick’s crozier was ‘kept’ at the Rock of Cashel for many years and that the hereditary keepers of the crozier were the O’Kearney’s of Cashel ? And do we have any knowledge at all , as to what may have befallen St. Patrick’s crozier?

    • George says:

      Saint Patrick’s Crozier, which latter banished the imaginary snakes of Ireland, (also known as the “Staff of Jesus”) had been venerated for centuries in Dublin’s Christ Church Cathedral. I understand it was burned in 1538 together with other holy relics under the orders of then Archbishop, George Browne, latter appointed by Henry VIII of England to the vacant Episcopal See of Dublin.

  6. Tom Kearney says:

    Thank you George for that information.

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