Tipperary Parish Registers 1740 To 1880 Now Free Online

TipperaryMapAlmost 300 years of Catholic Parish Registers, containing valuable information on births and marriages and held by the National Library of Ireland, are now currently available online, as and from today, July 8th 2015 .

Dating from the 1740’s to the 1880’s, these records cover the entire island of Ireland and can now be accessed free of charge.

This new dedicated website [See http://registers.nli.ie/] now offers over 390,000 digital images of parish registers.

Irish Parish register records are considered the single-most important source of information on Irish family history prior to the 1901 Census. Covering more than a 1,000 parishes across the island of Ireland, these registers consist primarily of baptismal and marriage records and typically includes information such as dates of baptisms and marriages and the names of key people involved, e.g. Witnesses or Godparents.

With the making of these records available, same will mean that those interested in research will now be able to trace their ancestry free and online from as far back as 1740.

For most genealogy researchers, parish registers provide the earliest direct source of family information making available real evidence of direct links between one generation and the next.

Those seeking details of persons known to have been born here in Thurles, as just one example, can access all local registers at link http://registers.nli.ie/parishes/0280.

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85 Responses to Tipperary Parish Registers 1740 To 1880 Now Free Online

  1. Trevor Fitzgerald says:

    I am looking to find any info on a Michael Fitzgerald born 1798 in Thurles and transported to Australia in 1825. I was wanting to trace the family back as far as I can but can’t seem to find out any more. Kind regards Trevor Fitzgerald.

  2. Maureen Purcell says:

    Hi, I’ve been checking all sites for the past 10 years to make up our family tree but have got stuck with my Great Grandfather Denis Lonergan ( Mason) born (I think) around 1831 and again I’m not 100% sure but I think he was born ion Clonmel, Co. Tipperary . He married Bridget O’ Brien from Tramore and his children were , Isabella, Frances( Fanny) Margeaetta ( Mary?) Timothy, ( my grandfather) Thomas, John, Maud, Michael and Denis Paul. I have got my grandfather’ Timothy’s birth record and am now trawling through more church records to find his Baptismal record which I will probably find sooner or later (It is so time consuming as you know!).
    Could you help me to trace my Great Grandfather Denis Lonergan’s birth record if possible. Because Denis’ first son was Timothy I’m thinking his Father may have been called Timothy as it was the custom at the time to call the first son after the Father. In the meantime I’ll keep on going through all the different FREE sites and just might come up with a relevant piece of information! Very many Thanks, Maureen Purcell, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

    • Margaret Thurston says:

      Hi Maureen
      Just seen your post (a little belated) about your Denis Lonergan ancestor. Don’t know if this is of any interest to you but I have a Lonergan on my line. Margaret Higgins (nee Lonergan) married Denis Higgins in 1832 Carrick on Suir. Her parents were Stephen Lonergan and Mary Meagher. Margaret was born 1812 in Cashel parish. Her children were born in COS between 1834 – 1844 the same era as your Denis Lonergan. Could they have been related? Cousins? Love to hear from you especially if you have some info on the Lonergans. I am still trying to find the marriage of my gt gt gt G/P Stephen Lonergan and Mary Meagher.

      • Hello,
        Denis Higgins and Margaret (Lonergan) Higgins were parents to Eliza, born 1842 in Carrick on Suir. Eliza came to Manchester. She was married to my 2nd great grandfather Joseph John Gerrity. I am not sure if they came to Manchester married or married in Manchester, I am still trying to unravel that one. On the census his name his spelt Gerraty. I can fill in all the history of the Gerrity’s from Joseph John to myself. Struggling with anything before that. I do have some info on the parents of Margaret Lonergan though. Can anyone provide any additional information? stephengerrity@ymail.com

  3. Arlene Melanson says:

    Looking for information on Cathrine Pearson and Christopher Pearson born around 1720. They had a daughter Mary and another daughter Cathrine. Mary married James Mooney. Catherine and Christopher lived in Cork. I’m trying to find who Cathrine Pearson’s parents were.

  4. Sheelagh Hanly says:

    Looking for year of birth and place of birth 1878 ? For Patrick Graham, I think Moycarkey parish.

  5. Arlene Melanson says:

    I have been looking for information on the James Mooney and Mary Pearson. James being born Tipperary. They had a son born 1747 William Stephen Mooney born in Nenaugh. William married Elizabeth Mary Scott. They had a daughter Maria Mooney my third Great Great Grandmother. I believe she was born on Templederry. I would like to know who Elizabeth Scotts mother was also Mary Pearson’s to put our family tree together. I would also like to visit their graves on my next visit to Ireland. Any info where on the graveyards would be appreciated. Thankyou Arlene Melanson

  6. Robert Keating says:

    Looking for John Keating & wife Catherine Walsh (Welch or West) . John’s son Thomas was born 1825/6 according to time spent in Bendigo, Aust. Also had 2 sisters, Mary born 1840 & Margaret born 1844. Could be different mothers as these are born 16 -18 yrs apart. Girls list mother as Catherine Welch on their death certificates but Thomas lists Catherine West as his mother. All list Tipperary as place of birth. Been through all County Tipperary Catholic records to no avail. Thomas, Mary & Margaret all died in Australia.. Will start looking at adjoining County’s.. Bob Keating

    • Katie Kelly says:

      Hi Bob
      Hope YOU are still active on here!!
      Interested in your family, I am in Australia too. I know of Keating families in Victoria… and Walsh/Welch families too (in the same tree). If you are still looking, I am happy to help. If I don’t see your message, there are some great resources freely available on Family Search… type in the surname Keating then click on COLLECTIONS…. then on the right side panel, scroll through the collections to the immigration records… in there look for the NSW Immigration PAPERS … they are records or papers, but when you get the search results, the handwritten immigration papers are available which should show the baptism dates of any children, the place of birth/baptism, place of dwelling, parents names for the adults… whether they are alive or deceased and where they were/are living at the time of immigration. The record usually shows friends and family in the colony too, which may give you some extra people for the family tree.

      Looking forward to chatting, I have a feeling your tree attaches to a cousins tree in Victoria.

      • Mary Anderson says:

        Hi Katie from another Australian researching Walsh family with common names. Michael and Mary (Carmody) Walsh imm. to Australia from Tipperary in 1863. They had 2 children with them, Thomas 5, and Mary 3, and had at least 6 more born in Victoria but birth regns not found. Family settled in Mitta Mitta, Michael Walsh died 1899 at Tallangatta and Mary Walsh 1916 at Mitta.

        • I came across this family may be the family you are looking for. Michael Walsh 1837–Shanagolden Co Limerick. Wife Mary Carmody 1835—1916. Children born in Ireland Mary Walsh 1857– Thomas 1859–1887
          Ellen Anne Kearney nee Walsh 1863–1929 +6 more children Would this be your family. Shanagolden is not far from Co Tipperary border. Regards
          Gerry Cronin

        • Sharon Giuca says:

          I am going to Tallangatta cemetery on the weekend. I will see if I can find any graves for you. I might get a chance to get to Mitta as well.
          Sharon (related by McGraths).

  7. Charles Hobbins says:

    Looking for Patrick Hobbins birth records and other Hobbins family members birth records. They were from Nenagh Tipperary Ireland

  8. Tamitha Y Sprenger says:

    I am looking for information on a Joseph Hogan. Family lore says he was sent to the market by his mother and on the way he heard of the War in the Americas. His cost of passage would be covered if he helped with the war so he jumped at the opportunity. He had a son named James with a lady named Rebecca, however, James did not know his mothers maiden name. We believe Joseph was born about 1744 in Tipperary Ireland, but cannot locate anything. James, son of Joseph, died in 1854.

  9. Madeline Madden says:

    Where can I find the birth records for (Bridget Mary) Josephine Butler born on September 25, 1867, in Tipperary, Ireland? She was born in either Clonmel or Cashel.

    • Margaret Thurston says:

      Hello Madeline
      just seen your post re Tipperary Registers. Family search Ireland and Ancestry. com have some. I am trcaing my line (one of them) in Tipperary too.

  10. Cheryl Walters says:

    Looking for a Maurice Tobin born about 1835 to 1845 Tipperary. Parents unknown. Emigrated to America about 1666 settling in Dubuque County, Iowa. Another Maurice Tobin born 1810 in Tipperary County, Ireland with wife, Mary Skehan married Feb. 23, 1846 in Ballylooby. Also came to Dubuque County, Iowa abt 1852. Both settled in same small town of Worthington, Iowa. Looking for Maurice’s parents and connection to the senior Maurice Tobin.

  11. Cathy says:

    Looking for Cornelius Burns born 1801 in Co. Tipperary. He was married to Mary Ann Egan. I am not sure how many children they had but I know of three sons three sons: Patrick, John Cornelius, and George (1838) . The latter was born in Essex county, Ontario.

    I cannot find any information about this family prior to emigrating. His parents may have been Michaelus Burns & Eliza Fitzpatrick.

    • Hi Cathy I checked to find information about Cornelius Burns parents but could not find any thing about, I found Cornelius 1801–6th Oct 1865 and Mary Egan 1794–1870 3 sons,
      John Burns 1839–1920 wife Mary Tuffle 1838–1926
      Patrick Burns 1836—1890 Wife Ellen Killeen 1850–1918
      George Burns 1840–1907 Wife Catherine Delmore 1843–1886.
      Information April 2 Census Malden Essex Ontario
      John and Mary Burns
      Children George 10 yrs, Thomas 8 YRS, Anne 6yrs, Margaret 4 yrs , Bernone 3 yrs and Louise 1 month.
      I got some of the information on Family Search Family Tree.
      The following people surnames had posts up in My Heritage Search. LABAK, MAIR, and Dan Grondy. Hope this is of help to you
      Gerry Cronin

    • Den Roney says:

      Got a Gaul Hogan from Tipperry, Patrick too-much longer name when translated, he is listed in living in Toronto Canada!

  12. Arleneelanson says:

    Looking for information on Mary Pearson born around 1747 she married James Mooney 5he family lived in the Templederry area.

  13. Jade Carden says:

    I’m looking for any information regarding my great great grandfather Francis Carden born May 1835 in Tipperary, possibly Clonmel. I believe his father’s name was John Carden, possibly born around 1813. I’ve not been able to find any other information relating to Ireland.
    Francis moved to England and lived in the Sussex area. He married a Catherine Fisher in Eastbourne (Sussex) in 1872. They had 5 children, including my great grandfather Arthur James Carden who was born in London.
    I don’t have any information regarding my Irish ancestors, so any information would be greatly appreciated.
    I have a family tree set up on ancestry.co.uk under the name Jade Ann Carden

  14. Mary says:

    Hi I am looking for Ellen Bodley born Drangan Tipperary 1792. Records only seem to start 1800. I believe she is my gg grandfathers Thomas Bodley’s sister. Unable to find his birth record either.
    Any help appreciated. Mary

  15. Gaynor Gregg-Hughes says:

    Hi, I’m looking for an ancestor of mine that came from Tipperary. She is said to have been born in 1795 but I have no other details. She married Mr John Powell in Shropshire in 1817 in Shawbury. It is very possible, that this is my only ancestor linked to my Irish DNA results. Could anyone please help. Thank you Gaynor

  16. Tom Murray says:

    Hello, I am looking for an ancestor born in Tipperary Co in the late 19th century. Her name was Annie Agnes Hannon. Her father was Michael and her mother Mary Mara. Michael was a physician, I believe.

    • Katie Kelly says:

      Hi Tom
      not sure if you are still looking, but I know the Hannon name is seen a lot in County Clare. The family could have been in Tipperary too, but I would explore Clare as an option for birth.

    • Hi Tom I checked out the family I came across this family but it is not what you have my family has the same family names.
      Michael Hannon born in Dublin wife Mary Mara
      daughter Anna Agnes Hannon c 1888
      married Thomas W Murray Oct –DEC 1915 YORK ENGLAND
      They had a daughter Violet c1911. I do not know where Maty Mara came from.
      Would this be the family you are looking for I got this Info on My Heritage in which I have an account .Hope this helps would appreciate a reply please
      Gerry Cronin

  17. Brian Conroy says:

    My ancestor William Sullivan stated he was from the parish of Dudley Tipperary when he joined the British army in 1804 before eventually ending up here in Australia. I have been unable to locate a village Dudley in Tipperary. The only Dudley I could find was Mt Dudley near Roscrea. Is this likey to be the place or is there another Dudley?

    • Katie Kelly says:

      Hi Brian
      Interested in your Sullivans in Australia.

      I am in Australia too, so my geographical knowledge of Ireland is quite poor… but I did Google it (because all answers are correct on Google 😉 )

      There is a townland of Dudley, which is in the BOURNEY civil parish.. so even if your family were Roman Cathlolic, the civil parish will show you the map coordinates to help find the right parish registers. It looks like it is directly underneath CORBALLY

      hope that helps

    • EDWARD G Cronin says:

      Hi Brian there is a Dudley family in Tipperary Town and have been since I was young and I ma 74yrs old. Try census for Tipperary Town for them also try Find My Past site. Tipperary comes under Cashel and Emly church records .
      Hope this helps
      Gerry Cronin

  18. Kathleen O'Meara says:

    I’m struggling to find the birth records for my great grandfather Cornelius Sheehan O’Meara born around 1866. I know my family is from a small town called Emly in Tipperary but I can’t figure out why the birth record is so hard to find. Does anyone know where I could find this information online? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Paula Mari Ramm says:

      Hi Kathleen, I can’t help with your ancestor but just to let you know it is so difficult to find particular people as there are so many small towns in the parishes. Emly/Cashel is just one parish with several towns. I’ve been scouring through the registers and having trouble finding my ancestors also.

    • Margaret Thurston says:

      Hello Kathlen, Irish civil registration commenced in 1864 so you should be able to apply for a birth certificate.

    • EDWARD G Cronin says:

      Hi Kathleen Cornelius has double surnames Try each of them separate the church come under Cashel and Emly. Find my past records may be of help to you also have you done a DNA test if not recommend you should someone may be trying to contact you.
      Best of Luck
      Gerry Cronin

    • EDWARD G Cronin says:

      Hi Kathleen there was a Cornelius O Meara born Emly 11th Nov 1863 mother Bridget Sheehan Sponsors Jack Kiely and Ellan Ryan. I think this is the information you may be looking for. I got this on micro film on Find My Past.
      Gerry Cronin

    • Mary Keating says:

      Kathleen, on RootsIreland there is a baptismal record for Cornelius Mara, Parish Emly, Nov. 11, 1863, parents- Michael Mara and Bridget Sheehan. You can find on the Catholic Parish Register.

      • Mary Keating says:

        Kathleen, my great grand aunt was Deborah Raleigh (1852-1909) of Drumcomogue, Emly. She married Patrick James O’Meara (1854-1887) of Drumcomogue, Emly in New York City in 1880. They went to America together. They moved to Chicago where other O’Mearas were living. Patrick is your Cornelius’ brother. Their parents, Michael and Bridget, were married October 14, 1849 in Knocklong and Glenbrohane Parish. I assume where Bridget was from. They had at least 11 children. Michael was designated as a herdsman and dairyman. Drumcomogue, Emly is close to the town of Emly where they would have gone to church and might be buried.
        Regards- Mary

  19. MAXWELL THOMAS Corney says:

    Looking for records of Thomas Edward Dwyer my Great Grand Father. He may have been a convict and transported to Tasmania. I believe he was from Tipperary Ireland

    • Katie Kelly says:

      Hi Maxwell
      would love to chat about your Thomas Edward Dwyer, I known a family of Dwyers in Victoria, that have an extensive family tree. I know you have mentioned him as your g grandfather… but there are no dates mentioned and the convicts started in 1788…. so its a massive search. If you have an approx date, I would love to help.

      Would love to know if Thomas stayed in Tasmania or went to the mainland. I am researching Dwyers for a cousin in Victoria at the moment, we are getting a good feel for the family and how they are related to each other, definitely happy to help and share info with you, because they are either our Dwyers or yours… or maybe both…

      If you are on fb, it would be great to connect to talk about the Dwyer family tree… its an interesting family!

  20. Errol Ryan says:

    Errol RYAN says:
    I’m for information about Cornelius and Catherine Ryan nee Ryan of Glenbeg, Parish of Upperchurch, County Tipperary who raised 3 sons that I know of in that area, Edward born about 1811, Cornelius born about 1815 and Thomas born about 1830. All 3 travelled to Australia: Edward sentenced to Transportation in 1832, Cornelius sentenced to Transportation in 1839 and Thomas emigrated in Dec 1854. Their father, Cornelius, was deceased by then.

    • John Ryan says:

      Hi Errol,
      I’m also looking for information about Cornelius and Catherine and those details match what I have; I’m based in Sydney and a descendant of his son Cornelius b. about 1815.

      • Errol Ryan says:

        Hi John – just saw your msg 5 months after you posted it. We’ve got a lot more information that we’re willing to share with you about Cornelius and Catherine and their son Cornelius born abt. 1815. Not sure how we do that. I’m happy for Hidden Tipperary to pass on our email address to you.
        Regards, Errol Ryan

  21. McCoy Fleming says:

    Hello! I’m looking for the birth/baptism record of Michael Fleming, who was apparently born in Fethard, Tipperary. He was supposedly born in 1795, and my ultimate goal is to find at least one of his parents. Michael moved to Newfoundland, Canada sometime before 1845, likely well before the famine. He had one child that I know of, Edward Joseph Fleming.

  22. Christine Fix says:

    I am looking for a marriage between a Mr Ponsonby and a Miss Rowan in Ireland prior to 1825. My great great grandfather Patrick Ponsonby was born 1825 in Limerick City. He immigrated to New Zealand and married Bridget Fitzgerald also from Ireland. Our family farm is called Thurles. Named after where we came from. I am hoping someone can give me a little more information, as we have been stuck for a long time.

    • Tara Adams says:

      Hi I’m looking for any information on a Thomas John and a Thomas Dalley Thomas Hohn we believe was born 1800 his son Thomas was born 1831 and transferred as a convict to Australia.

  23. Leigh Morgan says:

    Looking for information on the Carty/McCarthy family. Denis born 1835 (cannot find birth) married Mary McGrath (born 1847 cannot find birth) in 1870 in Sollaghed Tipperary. States Denis’s father was Denis and Mary’s father John. Denis and Mary had children John, Mary, Michael, Patrick and Denis.
    Looking for any information on Carty/McCarthy and McGrath families.

  24. Dennis J Cahill says:

    Im looking to find my Great Grandfather CORN CAHILL and his son JOHN CAHILL they lieved in Tipperary John was born in 1799 and married a woman last name Kennedy C ORN ?
    thanks for your time
    Dennis John Cahill

  25. Dennis J Cahill says:

    by the way was CORN short for Cornelius in the late 1700’s

  26. Claire Jones says:

    Looking for any information on 3brothers in the13thlight dragoons?
    Lt col brooks Lawrence,Major George Lawrence,James Lawrence?
    Lt col very noted at Waterloo,in the hussars for 38 years!
    Died in 1823 Brompton Westminster
    Major George was a poor knight of Windsor!1809,
    Where did they live in the early years?
    Any information most welcome
    Claire Jones

  27. Michelle says:

    I’m looking for information on my grandmother’s side of the family (Costello). They lived in Killenaule. She left Ireland to train as a nurse in England. Her family lived in River Street. I would like to know, about my great grandmother Ellen, who’s maiden name was Dumpy.

  28. Isla Visser says:

    Good day I am looking for information, names etc of my ancestors who came from Tipperary. My great grandfather was Frederick William Mason , he had 2 brothers and 1 sister, as far as I can tell his dad’s name was Charles William Mason. Charles was a farmer owning 3 or 4 farms and an auction house in the town of Tipperary. I know Frederick was born around 1877 -1880.
    If anyone has any information I would appreciate it. Thanks. Isla.

    • Hi I found this information for you. Frederick William Mason 1897 in Tipperary
      Married Jacoba Delaporte Dec 8th 1919 Johannesburg Gauteng S A. Son David Mason.
      He died in SA.
      Father Charles William Mason This information is in Family Search Family Tree
      Hope this is of help
      Regards Gerry Cronin

  29. Anthony Bevens says:

    I’m trying to trace my gt grandfather, Robert Hanna, who was born in Tipperary in 1846. His father was James Hanna.
    Robert moved to England where he married Mary Gaynor from Queens County
    Any clues or hints would be warmly received

  30. Anne Marie McGrath says:

    Looking for information on Thomas McGrath son of Denis McGrath and Ellen Dwyer

    • Katie Kelly says:

      Hi Anne
      We will need a little more information before we can even start to search for your Denis McGrath and his son Thomas… and Ellen McGrath..

      When were they born? even an approx year. Is Ellen Dwyer related to the McGraths? Is she the wife? of which McGrath?

      Where in the world did they live after leaving Tipperary? If they came to Australia, which state and town did they live in there? Did they arrive as convicts or free? DO you know roughly when they arrived in Australia?

      Happy to try to help, but can’t even start to help without dates and some more detail. I know families of Dwyers and McGraths in Australia… in a few different states, and would love to help you connect with them… chances are someone has the information you are looking for… but also happy to search for the information with you.

      Looking forward to your reply, so we can find more info on your people from Tipperary 🙂

  31. Melanie Hampton says:

    My great grandfather was Scott Doing, a horse trainer from the Eastern Shore of Va, who eventually moved to near the Pimlico Race Track. I found a muster out record for (perhaps) his father – also a name Scott Doing, who did fight for the North during American Civil war. That is all I know. It seems to be such an uncommon name. I did find there is perhaps variations of that name in Tipperary. Any thoughts would be so appreciated.

  32. John Woods says:

    Looking for information on Tobin family. Peter left for U.S in 1898. Keiran left in 1910 or so. Their mother was Johanna Purcell. Thank you.

    • Mary Keating says:

      John, I found records for your family on RootsIreland (cost).

      Your Tobin Family was from Lamoge, Kilmaganny, Kilkenny, Windgap Catholic Parish. They were on the 1901 census and were farmers.


      Peter’s parents were John Tobin and Johanna Purcell. When they got married June 14, 1875 they were both living in Lamoge. John was age 25, father John and Johanna was age 23, father Kyran (Kieran). They had at least 12 children.
      Peter was born September 8, 1875 and was baptized October 9, 1875. Note Peter was the only child identified as being from Raheen, TEMPLEORUM. I hope I identified the correct Peter. On his record it was noted he married Mary Walsh in 1910.


      Kieran (Kyran) was born May 6, 1881.

  33. Jacky says:

    I have been searching for the birth place of my G Grandfather Augustine Ansboro. On all his army records he states he was born in 1852 in Cloughjordan, Roscrea. He settled in India where he spent many years in the army and when he finished his service he became a member of the police on the railways. All his sons were in the army in India. I have yet to have this info what he gives as “true” because I have a very high brick wall where he is concerned. I have all birth and marriage certs for his kids but not him. He also states his father was Martin Ansboro. I would be ever so grateful if anybody can help me. Thank you.

    • Katie Kelly says:

      Hi Jacky
      I don’t know the answer to your question, but my gg grandfather was in the British Army and fought in the Crimea War…. personally, I would take the information on their Attestation paperwork with some flexibility…. The reality is education was not available to all, so they may not have known their age, date of baptism or even location of baptism (and babies can’t remember where they were born…)

      I would broaden my search area, because at the time of Attestation, he may be living in the townland that IS for Cloughjordan… but may not realise he wasnt born in that area, or even that county…. It is also possible his father was military too, which means HIS baptism MAY be recorded as a British Army birth/baptism for Army…. even if they were Irish men and stationed in Ireland. So please check other counties too. And flexible with dates, my gg grandfathers birth was 5 years out.

      With spellings, be very flexible too, I believe the Gaelic pronunciation of our Irish ancestors names would confuse the English who were recording names, which creates a huge variation in the spellings.

      On Family Search (free) there are COLLECTIONS…. if you type in the surname, then click Collections…. under the OTHER tab you will find Ireland Betham Genealogical Extracts… they are brilliant for bio info on families, it may not give you his baptism, but it may give you some family history to work with.

      Have you checked Tithe Appointments (Family Search), Griffiths Valuations and land records? The families may show up in the rentals of land or a home.

      I just had a quick look, there are Ansbery baptisms c1850 in Rossmore which looks like it is in County Waterford. Not sure if the county borders changed for that area of Ireland in 1898.

      I think looking for land records, tithe appointments etc may help you find a better ‘definite’ on location. Then search for the baptism. You can also search civil records, especially for deaths… .his parents may have passed in Ireland so the civil records will give you more details, including a possible Will, location of a grave and obit.

      I have had a look at civil deaths for you… there IS a Martin Ansbero who passes away in 1877 in CLAREMORRIS County Mayo. He is 56 years old and a Publican.. he is definitely old enough to be your Augustine’s father. It looks like the surname Ansbero is clustered around Claremorris in County Mayo, then some in BALLINA and some in BALLINROBE, so its possibly the same family spread out into different regions. maybe look to see if there are any census documents left or even family trees online for Martin, because if this is his death, it puts a pin in a map for you. The death record shows he is married, so his wife is still alive, otherwise it would say he was widowed.

      hopefully that will get you started 🙂

      • Jacky says:

        Thank you ever so much Katie for taking taking time out to help me – its appreciated!. I will look around the area you last mentioned . I have looked at all other spellings as Augustine is Ansboro on his kids b certs but on some of his army records and d cert he is Ausboro.
        Am going to get digging again now…you have got me “in the mood” again to hopefully get going with this family. My Finnigans have been really good to find in Ireland and Liverpool…its just Augustine ha ha!

        Thank you again, Katie.





  35. Diana Thompson says:

    I am seaching for Michael Lawler family. Michael was born 1n 1835 in Tipperary County Ireland _North. He traveled to USA when 12-15 yrs old by ship alone. Family tradition states his family included a priest and sisters as nuns. Michael Lawler was a Roman Catholic that raised a family in KY.

    • Katie Kelly says:

      ooh the Lawlers are a name I have seen a lot! There were Lawlers in Australia too, the same family. There were Lawlers closer to Dublin too… I can’t remember the County, possibly Wexford or Carlow. I remember the Lawler ESQ….

      BECAUSE Michael was a priest, chances are he did training in Dublin, there will be some great information on the internet, with reliable and correct information for you. There will also be resources in the National Archives of Ireland online for free.

      I know there were a few Lawlers who were supportive of the Irish brotherhood too, both in Australia and the US, which is a really interesting read. There are letters online for free to read at Trove, which is Australias newspaper database and it gives a great insight into the families and their love of Ireland.

  36. Mary Keating says:

    Kathleen, my great grand aunt was Deborah Raleigh (1852-1909) of Drumcomogue, Emly. She married Patrick James O’Meara (1854-1887) of Drumcomogue, Emly in New York City in 1880. They went to America together. They moved to Chicago where other O’Mearas were living. Patrick is your Cornelius’ brother. Their parents, Michael and Bridget, were married October 14, 1849 in Knocklong and Glenbrohane Parish. I assume where Bridget was from. They had at least 11 children. Michael was designated as a herdsman and dairyman. Drumcomogue, Emly is close to the town of Emly where they would have gone to church and might be buried.
    Regards- Mary

    • Mary Ellen Brooks (née Mahoney) says:

      I am researching the O’Mahony family from Knockantibrien. My father emigrated in 1929. I know the family worked the farm for several generations before this. I have info, etc on the paternal grandparents and uncles who are buried in Old Kilpatrick. Can’t find any info pre 1901 census. Very few Mahoneys in this area so I am curious as to where they came from and what brought them there. One local told me that they might have been there from the time of Cromwell, soldiers who stayed behind.

  37. Roger Alan Letsom says:

    I’m searching for Thomas Roderick Letsom, originally from England but was possibly in Tipperary. He was an orphaned as a boy and might have connnected with relatives there.

  38. Roger Letsom says:

    I’m looking for any Letsoms or Letsomes in Roscrea. I’m also searching for a connection between the Motens and Letsoms.

  39. Roger Letsom says:

    I recently posted a message asking about Letsoms or Letsomes from Tipperary (I’m the same person as in the earlier inquiry about Thos. R. Letsom). I have found references to Thos. Letsom having lived in Ireland.
    I’m not exactly sure which county or province. Other references locate Letsoms in Roscrea or Cloughjordan. I’d certainly appreciate any information you can supply.

    Roger Letsom

  40. Gary McGregor says:

    I have been trying to establish who the parents of my Great, Great, Great Grandmother were.
    She was Annie Bodle (nee Butler) and he was a Major in the British army based at Templemore, Co. Tipperary. The story goes that the Butler family (Roman Catholic), said if you marry him (Anglican) you are out of the family.
    So she left with the Major and they married in Sydney in 1843.
    I can only find a gravestone of her and she is described as the Majors wife. No parents mentioned. She died 26/11/1866 in Tipperary.

  41. Marilyn Dalley says:

    Hi I’m looking for Thomas Edward Dalley born England or Ireland 1813 came to Australia 1838 he has a son also called Thomas S Dalley I believe. he came to Australia and married a Sophia Mcloughlin in Murrurundi nsw in 1861 they had a son Thomas John Dalley born 1864 Wollongong Australia married Emily Mary Jessie Page can anyone help 🙏

  42. mb says:

    Hello all
    I am researching my 2nd great grandfather Matthew Lane and his family and have hit a wall
    I am hoping someone may be able to give me some suggestions as to how I can research further back on these 4 brothers. There may be sisters also .
    Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.
    Morgan Lane (alternative spelling Laune Lawne Lawn)
    BIRTH ABT. 1803 • Limerick, Ireland
    DEATH 26 MAY 1873 • Upper Sunville, Ardpatrick, Limerick, Ireland
    John Lane (alternative spelling Laune Lawne Lawn)
    BIRTH ABT. 1793 • Co Limerick, Ireland
    DEATH 23 MAY 1866 • Thomastown, Kilfinane, Limerick, Ireland
    Denis Lane (alternative spelling Laune Lawne Lawn)
    BIRTH ABT. 1806 • Limerick, Ireland
    DEATH 25 DEC 1872 • Glenbrohane, Limerick, Ireland
    Matthew Lane (alternative spelling Laune Lawne Lawn)
    BIRTH 1795 • Kilmallock, Limerick, Ireland
    DEATH 27 JUN 1879 • Kilmallock, Limerick, Ireland

  43. sarah says:

    Elizabeth Ryan married Robert Cushan on 25 October 1826 in Thurles, County Tipperary.
    I want to confirm they had a daughter Catherine Cushion born in 1829 (who married Martin Maher in 1852). I am also looking for details of their parents’ names.

    • Elizabeth Ryan husband Robert Cushan.
      Daughter Catherine Maher nee Cushan married Martin Maher in Thurles on 16th Feb 1852 Thurles,
      Children Elizabeth Wright Nee Maher, Johanna , Margaret, Peter, Martin and Catherine.
      A Gary Lennon is the site manager in My Heritage for Cushen Family
      Hope this Helps
      Gerry Cronin

  44. Beverly says:

    I am seeking information about my third great grandfather, Michael Dooling born September 2,1799 in Tipperary. This information from when he took oath of citizenship in Georgia, USA. My great aunt visited Ireland around 1965. She said she thought she found the family but could not find documentation. The family story is that the authorities were seeking him, and his father paid a ships Captain from Waterford in 1821, to hide him until they got out of British waters. I believe he might have been connected to a group for states rights. He kept an oval picture of a man whose statue is in Dublin. He was University educated.

  45. Marlise Wunderli says:

    I have my ggggrandfather JAMES KENNEDY b. abt 1815, d. 1858 and his son JOHN b. abt 1845, d. 1904 who lived in Co. Waterford, Ireland. They were Church of Ireland members.
    It looks very much so, that the father of the above JAMES K. called THOMAS KENNEDY from Ballyhane, Kilnaneave, Co. Tipperary (no livedates, possibly born between 1775 and 1790) as well converted. He was married with REBECCA GAMBLE, a CoI member from Kilmeaden, Co. Waterford..
    The information that THOMAS KENNEDY has a connection to Ballyhane Co. Tipperary is from the will of his son JAMES K. who died 1858.
    There is a rumour my cousins told me that there was a REV. JOHN KENNEDY of CoI from the Templederry area.
    Out of this set on formations I have the following questions:

    -Does anybody has among her/his KENNEDY’S living end of 18th until end of 19th century members of the then called Established Church?

    -Does somebody has knowledge about mixed marriages of KENNEDY’S of the Co. Tipperary’s Silvermines, Dolla, Kilnaneave or Templederry area?

    -Maybe ancestors who were land stewards or land agents for a protestant landlord?

    I did a DNA test. On Gedmatch I am Miracula, KD2857752. On ancestry my member name is Marlise Wunderli and there I have a public family tree.


  46. Marilyn Anne Dalley says:

    Looking for information on Thomas Edward Dalley Ireland year 1813, father also Thomas E Dalley about 1790 Ireland, married Winifred Dwyer not sure if they came to Australia, but Thomas 1813 married Sophia Mcloughlin in 1861.

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