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  1. Katie O'Connell Nott says:

    I had one of many Phone calls this morning from some people who will be travelling to Ireland and are going to take my advise and visit Thurles but they were at a loss as to why there was only one Restaurant in Thurles I asked the leading lady where she got this information from. I always tell my caller’s to Log onto ‘Hidden Tipperary’ and they will find all the information about Thurles they will need. George To my surprise the Lady of this group told me she had logged on to ‘The Irish’ and found only one Restaurant in Thurles I said that is not the case there are many great Restaurants in and around Thurles. George to satisfy my own curiousity I logged on to ‘The Irish’ and sure enough the only Restaurant advertised in Thurles is ‘Sous Le Vent Parnell St.’ George why are the Thurles Restaurants not advertising on this site surely if Fethard can why not Thurles.!!

  2. Ann Marie Bridget Lynch says:

    Hello from New York! Am looking for the final resting place of James Leahy and Johanna Kelleher Leahy of Tipperary County. Their children were born between 1860 and 1875… their births might have been 1810-1840; and deaths after 1875. Some places I have heard: Clonmel, Rossmore, Newcastle, Four Mile Bridge, Ardfinnan. Have no physical proof of any spot to check for their graves. Ideas? Thank you!

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