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Inscriptions on headstones, are a most useful source for family history or tracing  genealogy. Many old cemeteries are often located next to churches, which could indicate that departed relative or friends attended church here or in very close proximity to this area.

This church or a place of worship nearby may hold birth, marriage, or death information. In many cases more than one family member may be buried in the same grave and the inscriptions provided can lead the investigator down further avenues in their research.

Gravestones may give clues about military service, a persons occupation and even state where other immediate family members died and are buried. In some cases inscriptions even give more information than a Death Certificate, a Parish Church Register or indeed Census Records.

St.Mary’s Churchyard Thurles

St. Mary’s Graveyard, [Map Ref.] in Thurles, is situated at the end of St. Mary’s Avenue, beside St. Mary’s Famine Museum.  Earliest visible memorial stone here is 1520, however it is fully accepted that burials took place in this area much earlier than this date, since a church has existed on this site since the late 12th century.
Grave Inscriptions In St.Mary’s Churchyard

Killinan Graveyard Thurles

Killinan graveyard, [Map Ref.] here in Thurles, is where visitors will find interred the bodies of many of the ‘Sporting Greats,’ from victorious Tipperary GAA Hurling Teams of the past.
Gravestone Inscriptions In Killinan Graveyard

Upperchurch Graveyard Tipperary

Upperchurch Graveyard [Map Ref.] is situated in the townsland of Cappaleigh in the County of Tipperary. Upperchurch is part of the ancestral home of those with the surnames O’Dwyer and O’Ryan / Ryan. If visitors have known ancestors that are from Upperchurch / Drombane and the surrounding areas, help is readily available to assist in tracing both your original homestead and your genealogy, by simply telephoning or e-mailing the local Upperchurch Visitor Information Office.  Tel: 00353 (0)87 6076838. Email: upperrural@gmail.com

Gravestone Inscriptions In Upperchurch Graveyard

29 Responses to Cemeteries & Graveyards

  1. Anne Dalton says:

    I am looking for any information about my Great great grandfather, Edmond Dalton who married Mary Lloyd. He was born in Tipperary Ireland. Nenagh was given as his birth place. His son Edmond Dalton born 1833 came to Australia and died 20 Jan 1908 in Benalla Victoria. Another son Michael Dalton eventually went to America. I cannot find a birth, marriage or death certificate for Edmund Dalton. I am looking for the grave of Edmond Dalton and his wife Mary Lloyd hopefully in Tipperary.

    • Mick says:

      Civil Registration only began in Ireland in 1864. You’ll have to try Church records in Nenagh for the information you want and it’s sketchy at best.

      • Anne Dalton says:

        Thanks so much Mick for answering my query. I have contacted the very gracious Parish Secretary of Nenagh and she found many Edmond Daltons and a few Mary Lloyds but no trace of any relationship between them. I’m well aware now how diffic ult it is to find official records especially in Tipperary. That’s why finding their grave is the only hope of gaining some information about two people whom we have really grown to love here in Australia. Perhaps there is still someone who knows where Edmond and Mary Dalton (nee Lloyd) are buried in Tipperary.

  2. Clare woodhams says:

    I am trying to trace my great great grandad. Patrick woodhams born 1877 about. He is linked to Thurles Tipperary Ireland. I’m told his father was a British solider and his mother died during child birth and they were not married. Stories say his was raised by a farmer and a wild child. Can anyone help please. Thanks.

    • Carolanne says:

      Hi, sorry this is 6 years later I have only just discovered your comment here. We may be able to help eachother. I have a G G grandmother Annie Woodhams, same area, born to a Soldier (William) who later remarried, presume her mother (Mary) had died but could never find out if, when or why. Have you had any luck with your family tree?

  3. Myriam Scott says:

    I would like to find out more about Killenave Cemetery, where is this situated. I am researching a Harty family who are interred there.

  4. John Ralston says:

    I am looking for information about Thomas Letsome Moten (1800-1879) and his family who lived in Cullahill Lane I’m not sure whether it is in Roscrea or Bourney and they attended the old St Patricks Roman Catholic Church in Couragunneen, where generations of Motens were baptised, and interred in the adjoining church yard. The names of these Motens on the gravestones would be extremely helpful. The name Moten intrigues me as he was my mothers Great Great Great Grandfather and her surname was Morton. This is due to her Great Great Grand father Michael Morton who is Thomas’s son and his brother was John Letsome Moten who became Murten then he went back to Moten when he landed in Tasmania. I live in Queensland Australia so cannot go there myself. I cannot find a website which goes back past the early 1800s or has any information about how the name Moten came into existence as it was only found in use in Roscrea in the early 1800s.
    I am also interested in the Letsome part of the name. On his family chart which is not very informative gives it as App. Letsome in his occupations box.

  5. Patricia Carthy says:

    My grandmother and other family members are buried in the famine graveyard. Her name was Mary Ellen Carthy (née Casy). I am trying to find some cousins in Tipperary. Can you help me please?.

  6. Myriam Scott says:

    I would like to find out if there are any transcripts of headstones in Templederry Old Cem. I am tracing Dwyer families from Currabaha, Fantane and Grangelough

  7. J J BLACKBURN says:

    I am writing regarding the death of Thomas Walsh pm 29th July 1848 outside the widow Mc Cormack’s house, at Ballingarry, (the War House) during the Young Irelander Rebellion.
    Is there a headstone for him in a local cemetery and are there any records there with information about his family?
    My curiosity is aroused as my Great-Great- Grand-mother, Margaret Walsh, a house servant, left Ballingarry, Tipperary at the age of 14, on board the “New Liverpool” which arrived in Australia in August 1849. Given the long transit times, I suspect she left Ireland soon after the uprising and am wondering whether she was related to Thomas Walsh, one of the two men killed during the uprising.
    My internet research has revealed a lot about the leaders, but very little about the men who died during the rebellion other than their names.
    I understand the leaders were offered a considerable amount of ongoing (international) support and wonder whether the men who died were looked after in any way, or just written off as passing casualties. I guess I am hoping that someone did raise headstones in their honour, even though I understand their families would have been facing considerable financial hardship.
    Naturally I would be most grateful for any information which can be provided.
    If there is a link between Thomas Walsh’s family and Australia I would be happy to continue research from this end and travel to photograph headstones for his Australian relarives.
    Best Regards,
    J J Blackburn
    21-08 28-03-2016

  8. Kerry Bishop says:

    I am looking for the Grave that my Great grand Father is buried in. He was Richard Cahill born 17/10/1826 and died 7/3/1901. He lived in Pike Street Thurles. His wife was Mary Cahill (Nee Jordan) who died in Australia. Richard was a Bootmaker. If anyone could tell me where I can search graves to find him. He also had 2 sons Matthew born 27/2/1871 and died 20/7/1940 also James born 25/7/1860 and died March 1917. Please let me know if you can help me.

  9. Katherine B Seppi says:

    I am wondering what cemetery people who were listed as buried in Kilennaule, Tipperary would have been buried in?
    I am looking for Brown ancestors who were living in Curraghtarsna.

    Thank you so much!

  10. Mary A. Dalton-Henderson says:

    My Grandfather’s family, Dalton, were from Cork.
    Grandmother’s family, Hanley’s and Burke, from Bansha, county Tipperary.
    looking for suggestions for records prior to 1827 in either county. thanks so much.

  11. Denise Fade says:

    I am trying to locate my grandmother’s grave. Her name is Johanna Fennessy, but was known as Annie (nee Sullivan) who passed away 4th Dec 1959 at St Vincent’s Hospital. She was a native of Tipperary, from Lacey Villas, Tipperary Town.
    If anyone is able to help me locate where she is buried, I would be very grateful.
    Thank you.

  12. Marion Burke says:

    I am looking for information Patrick Quigley Cooleen Silvermines & his wife Catherine buried in Killenaive also Patrick & Bridget Quigley same address or maybe Boherbee Silvermines. Thanks in advance of any help received.

  13. Marion Burke says:

    Where can you get information on graves in Killenaive graveyard. I understand there is no tombstone over my great and granparents. I do know they were interred in Killenaive.
    Many thanks


  14. Gus says:

    I have recently learned that my great Grand Uncle was buried in Thurles. I have scanned the wonderful info provided on this site, but was unable to spot him.

    His name was Patrick F Conroy, unmarried, National Schools teacher of Toomavara Parish and Nenagh Union. Patrick was born in Silvermines on Oct 6, 1860 and died in Thurles on May 21, 1927. His obit in the Nenagh Guardian on May 28, 1927 states that he was buried in Thurles. That’s all I have.

    Unfortunately, he was the last of his Conroy family in Tipperary, and I am not confident that there would have been much money for a headstone, even if we knew the name of the Catholic cemetery.

    Appreciate any suggestions on where he may have ended up based on burial date. Thanks.

  15. Frances Atkins nee Murphy says:

    My Great Grandfather Denis Murphy has Tipperary as his place of birth, however I don’t know if it’s the township or county. His parents were James Murphy and mother with the maiden name of Conway. Really struggling to find any information at all. I’ve been searching every site I possibly can to find James and his wife and indeed where Denis was born exactly. Denis and his brother John arrived Australia in 10th December 1866 on board the Dallam Tower from Liverpool, beyond that I have no other information. Any help to steer me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  16. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Hi, my name is Jennifer Kelly and I am looking for a grave from Upperchurch. I have asked the parish priest of Upperchurch, but he can’t find the grave so I was hoping you could help.
    The grave in question is belonging to my great grandmother Margaret Quinn. She was originally from Upperchurch. She had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Her parents were Margaret (nee Ryan)and William Quinn from Upperchurch. She had two kids Philip Ryan (deceased) and Eileen Ryan (alive;my grandmother). Her husband was James (Jim) Ryan from Borrisoleigh, where they relocated after marriage. James is buried in Templebeg, (we know where his grave is) after Margaret had died he married again. She was born on September 21st 1917 and died on 15th/20th of September 1940. My nanny was only a few months old.
    We would really appreciate the help regarding this matter,
    Thank you).

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