Tipperary’s Molly Sterling Bound For 60th Eurovision Song Contest

Tipperary’s Molly Sterling will represent Ireland at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria, this year, 2015.

Thanks to the musical and vocal talents of Molly Sterling, latter a 16-year-old secondary school student from Puckane in Nenagh – Co. Tipperary may not remain ‘Hidden’ thankfully for much longer.

The final vote lay in the hands of the general public and it was down to a two-horse race last night, as 16 year old Tipperary Musician and Songstress Molly Sterling edged out runner-up performer Kat Mahon, latter singing ‘Anybody Got a Shoulder,’ by four points (Total of 104 points), on RTE 1’s ‘The Late Late Show.’

Molly’s song “Playing With Numbers” was co-written with Greg French and rendered live last night on TV with the passion and feeling of a professional performer twice her age.

Entertainer Panti Bliss, one of the four commenting RTE panel members, which also included Phil Coulter, Linda Martin and Mairead Farrell, insisted “This is the song for me,” even before the voting had commenced.

Make no mistake the eyes of all true music lovers here in Tipperary and indeed nationally, will now be thoroughly focused with pride on Molly’s assured progress into the future.

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