Tipperary Welcomes Visit By American Diplomat Dr. Richard Haass

American Diplomat and former Northern Ireland peace talks Chairperson, Dr. Richard Haass, in the company of his wife, son and daughter, will personally make the trip to Tipperary to receive the 2013 Tipperary International Peace Award. This event will take place at a ceremony in Ballykisteen Hotel and Golf Resort on Monday next, June 23rd.

Dr. Haass receives the 2013 Tipperary International Peace Award for his significant role in his attempts to assist the peace process here in the six northern counties which make up Northern Ireland.

Although all the political parties involved did not reach any true and final agreement, the blueprint then laid down by Dr Haass, in his efforts to address Northern Ireland’s future concerns, is observed as representing very considerable progress in the way forward.

This year, on the eve of the award ceremony, the people of Ireland will have an unique opportunity to meet Dr. Haass at a special admission-free Tipperary Peace Convention event – titled “An Evening with Richard Haass,” This event, beginning at 7.30pm, will feature Dr Haass being interviewed by Mr Martin Quinn at Ballykisteen Hotel, where it is hoped Dr. Hass will discuss his life and diplomat involvement in the presently stalled Northern Ireland peace talks, while accepting questions from the audience in attendance.

Previous recipients of the Tipperary International Peace award have included Sir Bob Geldof, South African President Nelson Mandela (Madiba), Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, the late US Senator Edward Kennedy and his sister, the former Ambassador to Ireland Jean Kennedy-Smith, Dr Sima Samar, Irish President Mary McAleese and her husband Senator Martin McAleese and just last August, Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, latter who also collected her 2012 prize in person.

Music for this year’s events will be supplied by members of the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland.

Further detailed information on this welcome visit to Tipperary, by Dr. Richard Haass, can be obtained by Telephoning 062-33990.

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