The Ryan Gathering Thurles Tipperary

The annual Ryan Gathering here in Thurles, North Tipperary in just five weeks away (Weekend of August 23rd -25th 2013).

Here in Tipperary of course we do not have to invent ‘Gatherings.’ Indeed same have been part of our culture down through the centuries with impressive communal gatherings taking place at major sites like the Rock of Cashel, a mere 22 km down the road.

Assemblies here in the county, from the most local to the provincial were always vital to our medieval communities and it was here kings were proclaimed, justice was doled out, legal arguments were sorted & new laws given approval, political alliances were cemented, marriages agreed, armies mustered, saints invoked and ancestors revered.

No surprise then that Jane Ryan (Ryan Busty Clan) thought it would be a great idea, last year, to get all of the ‘Busty Ryan Clan,’ together and to investigate their genealogy. Gradually the idea grew and with “The Gathering 2013,” being advertised, she thought it would be a good idea to perhaps turn this same smaller annual clan event into something with a little more International flavour.

Using the facilities at The Source and being experienced previously in Event Management in the UK, Jane thought it would be something that would attract much needed tourism to the town, while also developing a central location here in Thurles, where Ryan’s from anywhere on our planet, could gather to “Proclaim their Royalty, Agree Laws, Revere Ancestors and yes, subject to the dowry of course, Arrange Marriages, both parties being agreeable.”

While some sporting events (e.g. including boxing and rugby,) are included on her programme, (Ryan’s v the Rest,) flexibility will be the important order of this promising weekend, allowing people to mingle and meet new family connections, while sampling some of the local attractions, (e.g. Sports, Crafts, Exhibitions, History, Literature, Food and Drink,) and a chance to witness & experience the natural scenic beauty of the indisputable richest farmland in Europe.

To this end, arrangements are now in full swing for the holding of a special crafts market, numerous sporting events, visits to St Mary’s Famine museum & The Source Exhibition, latter which will furnish Ryan families with the opportunity to locate their own kinsfolk. (Remember the widely used Irish remark ” All Ryan’s are Rogues, but all Rogues aren’t necessarily Ryan’s.”

Rogues or not, Jane is desperately seeking, both worldwide & from here in Ireland, the following Ryan family Clans:-

Ryan (Preston’s) of Kilcommon; Ryan (Connie’s) of Upperchurch; Ryan (Sean Mor’s) of Newport; the Ryan (Man’s) of Gurtovalla; the Ryan (Ladie’s) of Kilfeacle; the Ryan (Carpenter’s) of Dundrum; the Ryan (Manager’s) of Hollyford; the Ryan (Bawn’s) of Cappamore; the Ryan (Roger’s) of Newport; the Ryan (Chicken’s) of Pallasgreen; the Ryan (Coopers); the Ryan (John’s); the Ryan (Donal’s); the Ryan (Rogues); the Ryan (Foxes); the Ryan (Seanig); the Ryan (Bulleens); the Ryan (Brigid); the Ryan (Scarteen’s); the Ryan (Dick’s); the Ryan (Cnoic’s); ah for God’s sake Jane you have me index finger worn down to half its size, sure look, if you are named Ryan, truth is we want to meet you here in Thurles, Co.Tipperary, on the weekend of August 23rd -25th 2013.

Seriously though, it is interesting to note that there are approximately 40,000 bearers of the Ryan surname & Ryan is the tenth most numerous surname in use in Ireland today. The greatest concentration of the name appears here in West Tipperary, where the Ryan’s have been in continuous occupation for time immemorial.

Of course one of the last major gathering of Ryan’s in Thurles was on March 20th 1826, when they made an ungodly show of themselves in the main square. Women standing on the sidelines, enjoying the spectacle of a local Faction Fight or Bataireacht, somehow got it into their heads, as women are wont, that their men folk required support. These interfering women began firing large rocks, latter secreted away in their shopping baskets, at the opposing faction. According to reports of this event, the stones fired missed intended targets and broke many of the windows of the local shop keepers in the square. The police who intervened were “desperately attacked,” and shots were fired killing 3 men.

This serious riot was only quelled by the intervention of the 15th. Royal Foot Regiment, then garrisoned in Thurles, who were prevailed upon to support the local authorities. Believe me when ye arrive this time, as the Chief Superintendent of the Gardaí said to me, as she gently tapped her 400ml can of Pepper Spray on her desk, “There will be no repeat performance, by those Ryan clans, with regard to that kind of behaviour in Thurles, this time out.

Seriously, best to ‘Bookmark‘ this site now and keep an eye out for more updated information on The Ryan Clan Gathering 2013.

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9 Responses to The Ryan Gathering Thurles Tipperary

  1. Marie J Dallman says:

    Dear Ryans,
    Just a note from Australia. I attended the Ryan Rally in 2000 held at Dundrum and I am really sorry that I am unable to attend this one. I wish the rally every success. I also ran a Rally in Victoria, Australia. Since the rally I have found that my family is Ryan Rue from Glenough in Tipperary and I have been in touch with them. I can trace my family back to Patrick Ryan Rue married to Judy (Johannah)nee Morrissey. I would appreciate any information on the family earlier than this (Griffiths Valuation) and also the maiden name of the Bridget that Patrick Ryan Rue (junior) married later to fill in my records. Not sure which family of Ryans the family belonged to in the tithes but I have heard they came from Ardmayle. Please say hello to all my Ryan friends that I met when in Ireland especially Con and Mary from Upperchurch where my other side of the family the Bourkes lived at Ballyboy. My connection is my great grandmother Bridget Ryan Rue who marrried Patrick Bourke and later Thomas Healy. Looking forward to hearing how the rally went.

    • Jane Ryan says:

      Hi Marie, Thanks so much for the good wishes, shame you won’t be here but hopeful we will get another chance to have you home. We will be posting lots of pictures on RyanGathering facebook page.
      Jane Ryan

  2. Janet (Ryan) Flint says:

    It would be a dream come true to visit Ireland and come to the gathering. I am in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. My Ryan family settled in New Brunswick around Fredericton and eventually in Edmundston. I am certain we were some of the first settlers here in that area and that we came long before the famine. I have been told we were from Tipperary but haven’t been able to establish proof of that. Not knowing the family nick-name doesn’t make it any easier. I realize that this is not about finding relatives on line but we have a lot of James and Thomas in our family and I am wondering if that could help me at all. May-be some day I will be able to attend the rally.

  3. Jane Ryan says:

    Hi Janet,
    We have a great genealogist that really knows about Ryan families and how to find info on them. Even using details that you may have of your parents would help her find some information for you. Her name is Cecile Mulcahy e mail address is . Hope this will help you and also that we will see you here some day soon. Thanks, Jane

    • George says:

      Are you any relation to farmer Michael Ryan, New Brunswick, who was born in County Tipperary? He left just prior to the Great Famine. Married a girl Julia O’Donnell also from Tipperary while both in New Brunswick in 1847. Wife died after her 4th child was born. They had one son Michael born 1848, who went on to work in the timber business before becoming a Brick & Tile Manufacturer with his brother. His Brick Company was called simply “Ryan Brothers.”
      Same son married one Miss Mary Rowan in Fredericton. Latter had possibly 5 children (3 Sons) Frederick James, Thomas, Arthur John, (2 Daughters) Mary and Annie .

  4. Tom Ryan says:

    Does anybody know when and where the 2020 gathering of the Tipperary Ryans will be held?

  5. John Ryan says:

    Ryan-Moore. My father (Ed Ryan) referred to his family that way.
    I found our burial marker in Ballymourneen Cemetery when we visited
    in 2005. When my cousin Aemon died he was added to the monument
    (Celtic Cross), so someone is updating it.
    I would love to learn more.

  6. Patrick O'Shea says:

    Hello all you Ryans of Thurles,
    I am looking for help to fill in some blanks in a family tree.
    My grandfather Michael O’Shea of Killorglin, Co. Kerry was an uncle of Mary Bridget Coffey of Killorglin who married Cornelius (Con) Ryan in Killorglin on 10 Sept 1925. At the time, Con was a Railway Official in Thurles. He and Mary Bridget had 6 children (Josie, Sheila, Paddy, Vera, Seamus, and Angela). If anybody can help with where they lived, and where and when they died and are buried, I would be most appreciative.

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